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Welcome to Casa Kallpa, Peru

Retreats give you the opportunity to break away from the stressors of everyday life for an extended time to easily foster inner peace and connection.

Retreats in the Peruvian Amazon

Embark on an Ayahuasca healing journey

Surround yourself in the serene beauty of the Peruvian Amazon, where ancient traditions & modern wellness practices come together to guide you on a path of healing and enlightenment. 

July 20 - July 27

7-day Ayahuasca Retreat

6 nights/7 days | Rioja, Peru | $1,555

Casa Kallpa, Los Angeles

Prefer to book a class at our Los Angeles location?

Our classes and workshops help reduce anxiety and stress, improve mental clarity and focus, and facilitate deep healing.


Have unanswered questions? Contact us.

Our retreat services include:

Airport pick-up/drop-off

From TPP airport to the retreat location

Room accommodations

Shared rooms for community building

Individual rooms upon request

Breakfast, lunch, & dinner

Along with unlimited fruit & water 

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