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Unlock emotional blockages, enhance mental clarity, & create a profound sense of relaxation.

Soothing Sound Bath

Release tension and enhance flexibility while fostering a sense of tranquility within.

Embodied Yoga

Get to know yourself on a deeper level by developing awareness of our entire body.


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Our classes

Immerse yourself in expert-led classes

We offer diverse classes for beginners or advanced practitioners to help you reconnect with yourself.


Our classes help you overcome personal mental blockages

Retreats hosted in the Peruvian Amazon

Join us in Peru to disconnect from the digital world, foster inner peace, and reconnect with yourself.

Welcome to Casa Kallpa, Peru

Retreats give you the opportunity to break away from the stressors of everyday life for an extended time to easily foster inner peace and connection.

Retreats in the Amazon


Our retreat haven located in the Peruvian Amazon

Rioja, San Martin, Peru

A haven where ancient traditions and modern healing converge. We offer retreats in the Peruvian Amazon to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

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